You will need to go to Thunderbird — Software made to make email easier. — Mozilla or preferably Thunderbird — Software made to make email easier. — Mozilla which is harder to find than you might think.

There are some useful Thunderbird related links at Useful Thunderbird Links - Thunderbird - Mozilla Discourse which are well worth checking out.

Moving to a different computer

See Mozilla Profiles for details.

Hints & Tips

It is worth learning some keyboard shortcuts, especially as your hands will be on the keyboard for typing anyway, so check out Keyboard Shortcuts TB | Thunderbird Help, which will detect your operating system and show appropriate keystrokes.


There is a nice article on message filters at Mozilla Thunderbird Filters Guide – J T Response Limited which looks good.


It is well understood, or should be, that e-mail is not secure. However e-mail encryption is not easy! Introduction to End-to-end encryption in Thunderbird | Thunderbird Help is an explanation. However some people prefer to use other approaches, like Signal >> Home.