Firefox Sync

The first step is to make a Firefox Sync account, this is easy and I will come back and document this another time. For now I want to concentrate on getting Firefox Sync up and running on a second installation of Firefox so that you can keep two devices in sync. Personally I just sync bookmarks but there is no reason why you can't sync everything, bookmarks, add-ons, preferences, tabs etc.

The first step is to get both devices next to each other, at least that is the ideal option. Let's call the first device with sync already running "Device A" and the new device that has none of your bookmarks etc on yet, "Device B".

  • Device A: load Firefox
  • Device A: open "Options" and select "Sync"
  • Device B: load Firefox
  • Device B: open "Options" and select "Sync"
  • Device B: click on "Set Up Firefox Sync"
  • Device B: click on the "I Have an Account" button
  • Device B: click the "Sync Options" button
  • Device B: set a suitable a descriptive "Device Name"
  • Device B: select the items to sync, so that they match the list shown on Device A
  • Device B: choose the "Replace all data...." option, this will stop the default/new book marks getting sync'd to other devices if you removed them before
  • Device B: click "Done", twice
  • Device A: click "Pair a Device"
  • Device A: enter the three short codes displayed on Device B and click "Next"
  • Device A: wait a short while and click Finish
  • Device B: check the list of items to Sync is correct, if not then correct it and click OK
  • Device B: close the Sync "Setup Complete" tab
  • Device A: click "OK" to close the dialog
  • Finished, everything is now setup