Printer Support

HP LaserJet Pro 400 color MFP M475dw

When I turned this printer on for the first time, I had some finger trouble with the touchscreen control panel and so set the printer's location to Croatia - don't ask! I thought this would be simple to change but it isn't! This is not the same as the language, fortunately I had picked English for this. However I was concerned the fax config would be wrong, so contacted HP to fix this, which proved it was not a simple click here to change the setting thing. It was a "pick during first power-up and leave". So, to reset the NVRAM do the following:

  • Please follow the steps given below to perform NVRAM initialization in your printer :
  • 1) With the device off, press and hold the lower right quadrant of the touchscreen (that is the position on touchscreen where normally is the information about ready state).
  • 2) Power on the device.
  • 3) When one sees the message Permanent storage init. , release it.
  • When the NVRAM init has been completed, the device will return to the ready state.
  • After performing an NVRAM initialization, reconfigure any computers that print to this product. Uninstall and then reinstall the product software on the computers.
I also have a note saying "NVRAM reset with bottom right and bottom left touched - this kicks cleaning stage", so if the above does not work, try this.