Microsoft Office

If you have a sensitive document, then you are strongly recommended to Encrypt the document, this is not the same as simply adding a password. In Office 2007 and above and with a sufficiently strong password then the encryption is considered secure. In this case a good strong password is highly recommended, so longer than 16 characters and in a good style.


There are many versions of Microsoft Office but that latest one is Microsoft Office 2016, which, like Windows 10 updates regularly. Take a look at Microsoft Office 2016 - Wikipedia to see the latest version and when it was released. Alternatively read Version and build numbers of update channel releases for Office 365 clients for the complete list of versions. To check which version you have simply do the following:

  • Start one of the Microsoft Office applications, like Word 2016
  • Open a new "Blank Document"
  • Select the "File" option from the Ribbon and click "Account"
  • I have an Office 365 subscription, so see details of this along with "Office Updates"
  • Here I can see I am on the Current Channel and what version I have
Comparing this with the link above tells me if I need an update, which I can check for from the Account page.

It is worth noting that companies can restrict updates to every six months or every month, or even take complete control, however blocking all updates for too long is not recommended.

Office 365

If you are having trouble with Office 365, whether it be Skype, E-Mail or whatever then Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer is a good place to start.