Mozilla's Firefox is a great web browser and well worth looking at if you have never tried it. If you need to download Firefox then visit Download Firefox - Mozilla, however take care to download the language version that you want. It is also recommended that you visit Dictionaries & Language Packs and get a dictionary for spell checking multi-line text entry boxes. However, do note that a dictionary adds this, the language pack is for changing the browsers locale.

Once setup then it is also recommended that you look at Firefox Sync.

If you are a web developer then take a look at Firefox Developer Edition.

About Pages

  • about:support - this displays all the support information including technical detail, this is "Troubleshooting Information"
  • about:studies - show which studies Mozilla have pushed, they can alter browser behaviour, see About Studies | Firefox Help
  • about:newtab - this is the new tab page
  • about:profiles - list all profiles, they can be renamed or new ones can be created

Useful Extensions

Firefox Lightbeam :: Add-ons for Firefox

You can also find some interesting and often useful extensions at Firefox Test Pilot.


From Firefox 56 onwards there is a new way of doing screenshots, which works from a toolbar button. It is different, so well worth understanding both. The bad news is this will be removed from Firefox 62 onwards! The good news is that it will appear in the Web Console but needs a : prefix.

It is actually very easy to convert a web page into an image and this works with regular Firefox, you don't need the Firefox Developer Edition. Simply press Shift+F2 and the Developer Toolbar will appear at the bottom of the browser window. Type "help screenshot", press enter and you will get a full description, note that the files will be saved in the downloads directory. Some handy examples:
screenshot page_dump.png - save currently visible web page to PNG file
screenshot --fullpage page_dump.png - as above but the whole page, including things not visible
screenshot --clipboard - copy the currently visible webpage to the clipboard
screenshot --clipboard --chrome - copy the currently visible webpage to the clipboard with Firefox itself, not just the web page
Note that tab based code completion works, type s and press tab and "screenshot" will appear, similar thing for the options and yes there are more options and combinations than listed above.

Release Information

If you want to know which version of Firefox is where in the release process then visit What Firefox trains are we in? for a clear summary. It uses APIs to keep updated but can be an hour behind due to caching, oh and note that the release of the latest Firefox is often 13:00 UTC. If you want more detail on the issue in the different releases that are "in-flight" then go to Firefox Release Health. Finally RapidRelease/Calendar - MozillaWiki is a great way to see the dates when releases will arrive.