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General Technical

CyberChef - this is a fantastic toolbox to keep handy and does amazing things. You simply drag an Operation into the Recipe and type some Input, then you will see Output. There is an example at From Base64 - CyberChef which might help


Free Printable Graph Paper - includes a virtual version as well


Noisli - Improve Focus and Boost Productivity with Background Noise - does what it says and very well too
Hipstersound | Ambient noise generator to create a positive work environment - an alternative

Untested Software

This is software I am aware of and that should be good but I have not used:

Web Browsers

How do browsers work (2012) -
What do the different browsers support - Can I use... Support tables for HTML5, CSS3, etc
Handy testing site from Microsoft - Interoperability, Browser & Cross-Platform Testing : Microsoft Edge Dev
See how you are tracked - Lightbeam for Firefox — Mozilla
Compare browsers from a privacy perspective - open-source tests of web browser privacy


Notepad++ -
Handy Directory Sizing - WinDirStat - Windows Directory Statistics
The Linux version of WinDirStat is called "kdirstat" and should be available via your package manager
PE Studio - winitor for Malware Analysis


Handy support details - Support Details | Tech Support Management

Web Site Icons

Icons for iOS and Android -
More Detail re iOS -

Network Tools

DNS Tools, including propagation, great tool - DNS Checker
Website link, IP and redirect info - Domain Name Data -
What is my IP Address -
What is my IP - (preferred)
Working out Subnets and Masks like -
DomainTools has an excellent WhoIs service -
Comprehensive tools -
IP Address -
Mail Testing -
Speed Testing -
BT Speed Test - complete with some good advice for testing
NetFlix Speed Test - Internet Speed Test |
Cloudflare Speed Test - Internet Speed Test - Measure Network Performance | Cloudflare
Speedtest by Ookla - Speedtest by Ookla - The Global Broadband Speed Test, also has a command line option, see Speedtest CLI: Internet speed test for the command line. In November 2021, on Windows this was a Zip file with a single, standalone exe and a markdown file for documentation
SamKnows - Agents | SamKnows have a number of options, including What is the Whitebox? - SamKnows Help Centre



Geo Location

IP Address Labs -
IP Address to Location -

Internet Access

SamKnows - Broadband Availability Checker

Dates and Times

Time zone conversion -
Convert to/from milliseconds - Current Millis ‐ Milliseconds since Unix Epoch

Useful Articles

Window Logon Issue Diagnosis - is a useful article on using SysInternals Process Monitor to diagnose logon issues.
Making a Wi-Fi Hotspot - How to turn your Windows laptop into a WiFI Hot Spot | Dell UK more easily done with your phone

Software Development

Windows 8 Phone App Development -
Storing Passwords - Serious Security: How to store your users’ passwords safely | Naked Security

Web Based Development

Laragon - portable, isolated, fast & powerful universal development environment for PHP, Node.js, Python, Java, Go, Ruby. - this is a handy solution to Web Based development on Windows, where WSL is not an option, or you want an alternative to WSL, it is a WAMP solution

Stress or Load Testing

Intel Processor Diagnostics Tool -
Older SysInternals tools -, I recommend using the -c parameter with testlimit, the memory tool, -c with a suitable number stops it grabbing all the memory which can render your machine unusable!
See also Consume in the Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit

Web Site Testing - Welcome to the wonderful world of Web Performance
WebPagetest - Website Performance and Optimization Test

Windows 10

Download for Installing - Windows 10

Windows 7

Wireless Networking -

English Language

The Apostrophe -


DeepL Translate: The world's most accurate translator
Bing Microsoft Translator

Shell Scripts

Bash Guide -
Portable Shell Scripts -
Making Bash Scripts Portable -

Software Analysis

PEStudio, used in anti-malware - winitor
Restore code that has been minified - Unminify JS, CSS, HTML, XML and JSON Code


Security Tools

Security Tools Top 10 (2013) - – The Hackers Arsenal Tools » 2013 Top Security Tools as Voted by Readers
MD5 File - HTML5 File Hash Online Calculator - MD5, SHA1, SHA2 (SHA-256), SHA-384, SHA-512
Security Planner - gives some good security advice


Also and preferably known as TLS:

SSL Labs - Qualys SSL Labs - Projects / SSL Server Test
Symantec - SSL Toolbox
Hardeniuze, site testing - Hardenize: Comprehensive web site configuration test
Handy site for manual testing of handling bad certificates etc -


CPU (Processor) Benchmarks - PassMark Software - CPU Benchmark Charts
SMART Hard Drive Status Utility - smartmontools
Using smartmontools blog page - Mike's Technology and Finance Blog: How To Detect a Failing Hard Drive
Web Cam Information - Webcam Test

Phonetic Alphabet

NATO phonetic alphabet - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

UK Motoring



It is worth noting that the MOT History updates immediately after an MOT Test, but the MOT and Tax option takes until the following day.


Google Location history

AppData files

Linux uses AppData files to show application information.
Chapter 2. Upstream Metadata
AppData Specification


Dark corners of Unicode / fuzzy notepad


This is a file transfer format, however OpenAS2 Server Application is a useful open source product.

Disk Utilities

Linux based partition utility - GParted -- A free application for graphically managing disk device partitions, not use myself
Commercial disk/partition utility - Disk Management Software - Acronis Disk Director 12 which I heartily recommend


<input> - HTML | MDN - be sure to use the correct or best type
HTML Standard - the definitive spec on HTML 5
HTML5test - How well does your browser support HTML5? - test your browser


Relax-and-Recover - Linux Disaster Recovery - stumbled upon this, never used but looks interesting


Network West Midlands - Tram or National Express Midland Metro - Birmingham Trams
Stagecoach Supertram: home - Sheffield Trams
Every Journey Matters - Transport for London - TfL



How to start with Qt? | nidomiro - a good introduction
C++ Qt Programming - YouTube - some introduction videos


Alexa Top 500 Global Sites - most popular websites
Have I been pwned? Check if your email has been compromised in a data breach - "haveibeenpwned" is run by Troy Hunt, security researcher, so can be trusted
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – Final text neatly arranged - for the full GDPR documentation

Sightseeing Ideas

Tower Bridge | London’s Famous Bridges | London Landmarks

Personal Security/Safety

Stay safe in London | The Met
Theft tactics: Be Aware of thieves' tactics | British Transport Police




Godot Engine - Free and open source 2D and 3D game engine

Remote Working

Home | mRemoteNG - colleagues have used this, looks worth trying
Remote Desktop Manager - Remote connection and password management software - installed on client's machines, commercial product, possibly worth a look


Picture Sheffield - Images of Sheffield from the council archive
Northern Powergrid | Power Cuts - check if you have an electrical power cut in Sheffield, Yorkshire or the North East


BMI healthy weight calculator - Health tools - NHS Choices


Julian Treasure: How to speak so that people want to listen | TED Talk

Audio Visual

Quod Libet is written in Python and uses a Python library for manipulating audio file metadata, specifically the tags, see Overview — mutagen for details.


Boot CD

I have used Hiren's Boot CD in the past, not really sure where to get it from now, possibly Hiren's BootCD PE but maybe Hiren's BootCD 15.2 - All in one Bootable CD »

System Integration

The following sites might be useful for solutions you are building:


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