Useful Numbers

*#100# - type it in, press call and the network will tell you your phone number
*#06# - no need to press call, this will show your device's IMEI
44555 - dial this number, press 1 and then you will receive a text with your usage, assuming you are on a contract
97886 - send a text to this number with the word "account" and your postcode in and it will reply with your account number, for example "account a11aa"
#31# - not a number in itself but use this as a prefix and it will block your caller ID from being sent/displayed, other networks will be different, for example EE use a prefix of 141, which is also what BT use, seems like 141 is standard and Vodafone are different

It is also useful to know whether the number calling you or the missed call was indeed Vodafone, especially if it is a sales call and you are not sure if it really is Vodafone. So in this case see Is it Vodafone calling? to check.

Pay As You Go

It is worth noting that after 180 days of no activity, a PaYG number will be disconnected. This is where no call is made, text sent or data used for 180 days. If you contact Vodafone shortly after this, they should be able to re-connect the number but it might take 24 hours.

You can easily topup a phone, without logging in, via Top up | Pay as you go | Vodafone which cane be useful.

Vodafone Advantage

Quite simply if you work for an eligible company then follow this link Save up to 30% with the Vodafone Advantage scheme


If you need to get your settings re-sent to you phone, visit Support -Vodafone-Help and complete the form and then a few seconds later you will get a text and then your settings, for APN, MMS, etc. Alternatively you can do this via SMS, so for internet and picture settings text the word "web" to 40127, a text confirming will come back followed by instructions or notification. Finally, there is a manual option, where the settings are listed, see How do I set up my phone for internet access and picture messaging (MMS).

Rings before Voicemail

Ever found yourself hearing your phone ring, rushing to get it and then it goes to voicemail? I think we have all suffered from this, however did you know this can be changed? Well, it can but it is not obvious! Dial the following: **61*121*11*15# to set the time before going to voicemail to 15 seconds. The 15 can be replaced with 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 depending on how many seconds you want to answer before voicemail, where 15 is the default.


If you wish to contact Vodafone yourself then you will find them very helpful on Twitter @VodafoneUKhelp, or if you need to get a good deal from them try @VodafoneUKdeals, otherwise follow @VodafoneUK for general company information.

Full Bill as PDF

Right, now (2012) the Vodafone website is not the easiest place from which to download your full bill, with itemisation. I am not sure why they have designed it like this but I struggle every time. So having got some steps from the very helpful customer care team I thought I might as well document the process here! I have updated these steps in 2014 following some changes by Vodafone.

Follow these steps to download the full bill for your account in PDF format:

  • Log in to your Vodafone account at 'My Account'.
  • Click on 'View Bills' under 'My bills and usage' section. You will be redirected to the Billing section.
  • In the 'Account Navigator' section select the monthly bill (in the drop-down menu) which you wish to download. Then click on 'Go' button.
  • In the 'Account Summary' section, there will be an icon for 'Download your bill here' (PDF invoice) at the top-right side. Click on this icon. The PDF format of the monthly bill will be displayed.
  • Now, click on 'Download Pages' icon (this will be on the left side of the 'Print' icon). A dialog box will be displayed for the download options.
  • Select 'Full Itemised Bill' (to download the complete bill copy with the itemised usage). Next, to download the bill directly in PDF format, uncheck the 'Compress Document (zip)' option. Then, click on 'Ok' button (or directly press 'Enter' key on your keyboard) to prepare the download.
  • Once the download is prepared, please click on 'Download' button. You will be asked to confirm the location as to where you wish to download the bill. Once you select the location, your monthly bill will be downloaded in the PDF format on your PC.

Pay as you Go

If you are out of credit and need to contact someone, then text their number to 30303 and Vodafone will send them a free text asking them to call you, simple. See Introducing Vodafone Callback - YouTube for details.

Nokia N8

Just found out that putting my SIM in a different handset (the classic Nokia 6310i) seems to have fixed my receiving texts issue as per http://forum.vodafone.co.uk/t5/Nokia/Nokia-N8-Not-Receiving-Text-Messages/td-p/668541. Actually, it didn't, deleting some texts helped, seems I have too many on my handset and that is the real issue.