Titles Extension

This is the homepage for my Titles Extension, which is available from Mozilla Add-Ons at Titles Extension. If you want to see the source code, then hop over to GitHub - glawrence/titles-extension and see what you think. You can also get the source code from Mozilla Add-Ons but most developers will find GitHub easier to work with.


The easy way to install the Titles Extension is to go to the Mozilla Add-Ons website and search, or use the link above. However, you can also search via the Add-Ons button off the standard Firefox menu.
If you want the button to be easily visible then click the Firefox Menu and select customise, from where you can drag the button to the main toolbar across the top of Firefox or you can add it to the menu.


Once you have the button installed, you simply browse to the website you want and click the button. A dialog will appear, looking similar to the image below.

Basic Screenshot

Markdown Example

Relative Path with No Target

At this stage you can adjust the Title or URL and see the result in the preview box. You can also change the target if necessary. When you press the OK button the contents of the preview is copied as plain text to the clipboard.


If you need further help then you can reach me on Twitter via Geoff Lawrence (@geoffdoesstuff) | Twitter.