Mobile Phones

This page contains general mobile phone information, there are also more detailed pages which are listed at the bottom of this page and also in the menu under this page.

Which Phone

There are currently three basic groups of phones and they are grouped by the operating system that they run, they are Google's Android, Apple's iOS and Microsoft's Windows Phone. In addition there are some smaller players like BlackBerry's BlackBerry OS, Mozilla's Firefox OS, Ubuntu's Touch and a couple more.

So how do you choose which one? Well in essence you are choosing an eco system. So if you buy an Apple phone you will find benefits in using iTunes, an Apple Mac computer or laptop and so on. So if you have started with one you might find it easier to carry on with the same. However in my view Apple and Microsoft have both done a good job of making things easy to use for non-technical people. Google on the other hand have done a great job with catering for technical people.

Personally I have used Symbian S60, BlackBerry OS, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows CE

Battery Life

I think most people know that in order to make your battery last as long as possible until the next charge you turn off as must background stuff as possible. So things like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Mobile Data, NFC, GPS etc, but how do you help your phone battery last over the long term. For example making sure you get two or more years of life out of it, especially relevant if your battery is not removable and you have a 24 month contract.

So here follows some advice that seems good to me that I have gathered from various sources and also filtered:

  • Do not let your battery go completely flat, they once have a limited number of discharge cycles
  • Try not to leave the charger plugged in when the phone is fully charged, most phone possibly handle this but unplugging is probably best

App Development

For details on app development see Mobile Development.

Further Details