Just by way of information, of little relevance really, I have owned the following Volvo cars:

  • 440 Si, 1.8 Petrol, Blue (1994)
  • V70 AWD, 2.5 Petrol, Blue (1998)
  • S40 XS, 1.6 Petrol, Silver (1999)
  • V70R, 2.4 Petrol, Flash Green (2004)
  • XC70SE D5, 2.5 Diesel, Blue (2003)
  • C30 R-Design, 2.0 Petrol, Ice White (2013)
  • V60 Polestar, 3.0 Petrol, Polar White (2014)

They have all been great cars in their own way. The V70 AWD was a much better car than I realised when I bought it, she did just over 202,000 miles in the end, not bad for a petrol. However my favourite was the V70R, fantastic colour and amazing performance! However that might now change with the arrival of the V60 Polestar.....

If you want your Volvo serviced or repaired by an independent workshop rather than a dealer then I can recommend Evolve Motoring Services (Doncaster), Rob Jaques has worked on several of my cars, and knows his Volvos!


There were two Polestar versions produced, mine is the early version which has a 3.0 litre, straight six engine, the later version was 2.0 litre, four cylinder. Both versions had every optional extra installed, so it does have all the toys you might want. See V60 Polestar


I have had one minor issue with my C30 and that was getting it to pair via Bluetooth with a Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini running Android 4.1.2. It would connect, establish a connection and then try to get the connection sorted but the audio system would keep cutting out. In the end I found the trick was to turn off the "Audio Connection" on the phone. This means the car is quite happy with the phone for calls etc but I cannot send music to the car from the phone via Bluetooth, which is no loss for me!

Update: all of the above was on 09.11_R of the Bluetooth module. When I had this updated to 09.14_R the music issue went away. It is also worth noting that 09.11_R is not compatible with the Windows Phone 8 Black update, aka GDR3, however 09.14_R also fixes this.


It was the 28th May 1997 when I purchased our first Volvo, a very nice 440, which we kept until 13th November 2008.

Independent Volvo Specialists

These are all places I have come across, I know Rob at Evolve and have used AB Gelder, the others are places I have heard good things about.