Windows Server 2012

Generally this content is focused on Windows Server 2012 R2, however all of it should apply to the non-R2 version as well.

One nice thing I discovered recently, is what I believe is called Features on Demand, which I believe allows you to add or remove features as you wish. Not sure this is really anything new, however it is now clear you can do this with PowerShell as well as via the GUI.
Now, what I do believe is new in Windows Server 2012 is that you can do a "Full Installation", with the GUI etc and then convert to "Server Core", using Features on Demand, which is brilliant. Once booted in Server Core you can then use PowerShell to delete the GUI files. In addition, if you need to add the GUI back, then you can, again via PowerShell. This improvement on Windows Server 2008 is quite impressive and is explained architecturally in Server Core and Full Server Integration Overview on TechNet. There is documentation on doing this in Windows Server Installation Options, again on TechNet.