Delphi, made by Borland, Inprise and Embarcadero

Qtools Software - Paradox Repair Utility
The "Built with Delphi 5" version worked fine with BDE 5.1 even though it says 4.5.1, however it was a Delphi 5 app.

Delphi File Extensions - Delphi Programming
For those moments when you can't remember what the .cfg and .dof files do and whether you can delete them!

The project .res file usually contains just the Icon, which is from the Delphi version first used to create the project. Just delete it and Delphi will re-create it, with the new version's default Icon. Of course, you might have modified your RES file, but usually you "build" it.

There is a handy article on Code Signing at Signing Windows Delphi Applications • Developer Experts.