Geoff's Favourites

Back in 2009 I assembled a list of useful tools and utilities into an e-mail which I shared with a number of colleagues at the time. Five years later in 2014 one person at least still refers to the list and uses a couple of the tools I highlighted. So, now that I have this site as a useful resource for this kind of thing, here is that list:

File Compression: 7-Zip,

File Editor: Notepad++,

File Comparison: WinMerge,

Hard Disk Usage: WinDirStat,

XML Editor: firstobject XML Editor:

Remote Control: UltraVNC,

CD Burning: ImgBurn

PDF Creation: PDFCreator,

Password Storage: PasswordSafe,

Virtual Machines: Oracle's Virtual Box

Web Browser: Mozilla Firefox

Web Browser: Google Chrome, (Beta version), (Dev build which I use)

E-Mail: Mozilla Thunderbird

Scripting: Python

System Tools: Microsoft SysInternals, specifically PS Tools, Process Explorer, Process Monitor

Dev Tools: BareGrep and BareTail

FTP: FileZilla,

Some of these tools are referenced elsewhere on this site but it seemed a good idea to construct this page and I might well add to it.