When first launch Google's Chrome had some innovative features. They started off with regular releases, every six weeks at a time when Firefox releases were nearer to 18 months apart and Internet Explorer even less frequent. Chrome also started out with each tab running as its own process. Both of these things helped improve security.

Google Chrome

I can't fully explain why but I use the "Dev channel" of Google Chrome, I have done this for several years now and have had no problems. However it is not for everyone, I would suggest most users stick to the regular "stable" channel. Anyway, visit to download Chrome, or to get the "dev channel".

Once installed, I suggest making the following changes, please note this is more of a "note to self" than anything else, so only do what you fancy.
When Chrome installs it asks for your Google Account, this is so that it can sync with your other Chrome installations. In settings, I make the following changes in the Settings:

  • Sign in: click the "Advanced sync settings..." button: normally I only have Bookmarks checked, nothing else
  • On start-up: check "Continue where I left off"
  • Appearance: check "Show Home button"
  • Privacy: check "Send a 'Do not track' request with your browsing traffic"
  • Passwords and forms: uncheck "Offer to save passwords I enter on the web"
  • HTTPS/SSL: check "Check for certificate revocation"

Useful Chrome Links

The following list of links are all specific to Google Chrome: