Homebrew for macOS

Being a Software Developer means you probably want various tools and utilities on your Mac to make like easier, therefore I would suggest installing Homebrew from https://brew.sh/ which gives you the brew command. You will find a lot of instructions for setting up your Mac assume you already have brew insatlled.

As well as small utilities like curl and wget you can use Homebrew for applications, these are generally in "casks".

There are times when you get brew to do an update that you wonder what it is doing, because you don't remember installing something like Nghttp2: HTTP/2 C Library - nghttp2.org for example. At this point I suggest executing brew deps --tree --installed which gives a nice tree view of your installed dependencies.

Recently I needed to use the AWS CLI (Amazon Web Services, Command Line Interface), but after executing brew install awscli I found out I needed the older version 1, not the latest version 2. So I removed version 2 (brew uninstall awscli) and installed the earlier version with brew install awscli@1. However I soon found the "aws" command was not on my path, a little digging revealed I need to "link" the old version manually with brew link awscli@1. In summary brew allows multiple versions of things like awscli, Python, Node, PHP and so on and it will default to link, or rather "symlink" the latest version, but you can change the active version with brew unlink and brew link.

There is some info on installing Python on Mac and PowerShell available elsewhere on this site.

I would highly recommend reading My HomeBrew cheat sheet | 111 which gives some great hints and tips,