Common Software

Here we have Linux software that is common, I have used and have a little understanding of.


There are many ways to do firewalling with Linux and I don't really understand them all. However FirewallD - FedoraProject is installed on CentOS and is a pleasure to work with.

FTP Server

A common FTP server is vsftpd - Secure, fast FTP server for UNIX-like systems, also known as "very secure FTP daemon" but as well as secure it is fast. It is standard on CentOS, openSUSE and more.

Web Server

The standard is Welcome! - The Apache HTTP Server Project, although there are others. Here are a couple of useful commands:

  • /usr/sbin/httpd -S - show the settings
  • /usr/sbin/httpd -D DUMP_VHOSTS - display the VirtualHost information