Java Development Environments

The Java Development Environment that I have used the most is JBuilder, originally written by Borland. However I have also used Eclipse and NetBeans. I have to admit when I used Eclipse in 2003 I did not really get on with it. However in 2014 I installed NetBeans and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was, I need to look at it more but it is worth a look and is a good starting point.

I have also started using IntelliJ IDEA which has two editions, Community and Ultimate, I am fortunate in having a license for Ultimate, however so far it does seem to be a very good product, although I don't like all of its cleverness!

It is worth adding that Visual Studio Code is a good IDE and does support Java. It is not as focused and feature rich as IntelliJ IDEA but it is a good free option if you are already familiar with it or do other things like Python and PowerShell.