UltraEdit Hints and Tips

UltraEdit has been around for over 20 years and is arguably the best text file editor in the business. So, here are some useful articles when working with UltraEdit:

I find that adding Word Files from Download UltraEdit wordfiles for syntax highlighting can be very handy. Personally I use "PowerShell" and "INI Files", I would use something for DOS Batch or Command files but last time I looked none of the options worked well enough, sadly. I have also used the YAML Word File, however it does not add much and I needed to edit it first to add the ".yml" extension.


When installing UltraEdit on CentOS I recommend you use the Fedora Install package as this works just fine. I downloaded the RPM file and then double-clicked on it, which opened it with "Software Install" which took care of the process. Once install it is available on the Applications menu under "Programming".